Writing inspiration

Here’s an A to Z of writing inspiration to help words meet page …

A is for the alphabet. Without which, writers would be nothing!
B is for having a break. Know when you need to do this rather than pushing through.
C is for creativity. Explore it in all its forms (art, music, design …) to spark ideas.
D is for designers. Great people to know and collaborate with.
E is for explore. Explore places, explore genres, explore minds.
F is for fiction. Whatever you’re writing, reading good fiction always helps improve it.
G is for go. Getting started is often the hardest part. Learn how to stare down that blank page.
H is for history. Trawl it. There’s no use-by date on great writing.
I is for inspiration. Keep being inspired as a writer and you’ll never be lost for words.
J is for joy. One of the luckiest things about being a writer.
K is for keeping going. Never. Give. Up.
L is for limits. Go beyond what you thought might be possible with a piece of writing. Be brave and say it.
M is for middle. Sometimes a tricky point. Set targets and use tools to get all the way to the end.
N is for non-fiction. A great genre.
O is for other people. Sometimes they help you, sometimes they hinder you. Know the difference.
P is for pens and pencils. Yes it’s perfectly OK to have a magic pen that helps you write better.
Q is for quiet. Like in a library.
R is for reward. Build these in to your day (a cup of tea in half an hour, a walk at midday …) and you’ll keep going more easily.
S is for story. Your staple diet.
T is for thank you. A writing journey involves many people who support you. Thank them.
U is for unique. Every writer is.
V is for view. Sit at a window, and write.
W is for the world. Visit new bits of it whenever you can.
X is for filling space. Words go here xxx. Don’t stop when you get stuck. Don’t censor. xxx it, carry on, and edit later.
Y is for you. Find your voice. Stay true to it. Use it.
Z is for zzzs, essential for creativity.

© Frances Booth

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