What people I’ve worked with say …


The sessions with Frances were great: friendly and coaxing. Frances is great at nudging her clients towards their own solutions to thorny life and work issues. Warmly recommended.
Sal H

I knew from the outset that my coaching sessions with Frances would be good but it’s only now looking back that I realise how hugely and transformationally impactful they have been. We covered a massive amount of ground without compromising depth for breadth. Frances was incredibly insightful in knowing when to step back and let me work through a challenge, when to encourage me towards my own solution and when to offer tools or resources which were consistently tailored to me and my situation. The coaching sessions totally exceeded my (high) expectations and I honestly couldn’t have asked for more.
Catherine M

Big thanks to Fran for my coaching sessions, I thoroughly enjoyed them. We worked through a mixture of personal and work-related goals. On all of these goals I have made positive progress which I don’t believe I would have done (well certainly not as fast!) without Fran’s support.
Fran is a very positive and encouraging person and she made me feel I could achieve all that I wanted to.
Laura A

Fran has a way with people that makes it easy to be honest and open. I felt nothing was out of bounds and that I could talk openly about how I felt, without any fear of judgment or criticism. She also skilfully directed our sessions so we made the most of them, rather than just chatting aimlessly, as I sometimes tend to do!

Training and talks

“Great session”

“Interesting and useful”

“Very knowledgeable speaker”

Lloyd’s of London course participants, Managing Distractions workshop, May 2014

“For a while I’ve been feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the technology cloud and constant staring at screens. Your talk was the first time that I saw a coherent way of fighting back!”

Henry Vane, City University lecture attendee

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘ Bringing up Children in the i-Generation’ workshop. It had a more profound impact on my own behaviour particularly around my smartphone. I am now trying to curb my smartphone use in front of my daughter.

It has had an even bigger impact on my husband, who was not at the lecture but has now read Frances Booth’s book ‘The Distraction Trap’ which I had left on the kitchen table. He now regularly forgets to take his phone when we are out having family time.

Thank you to Frances Booth and the Parent Practice team.”

Jane, workshop attendee

“Great presenter – really knows her subject matter”

Cynthia, workshop attendee

“Extremely informative and constructive day. A very enjoyable learning experience.”

James Mortlock, HSBC archives

“I learned a huge amount from doing the course with you, it made a massive difference to feeling confident in a web/ blog environment. The tricks and tips were invaluable.”

Amanda Robson blogs at glamorousglutton.com

“Full of light bulb moments: I left inspired to create a much more engaging website. Thank you!”

Charlotte M-M, Bodleian Library

“Would just like to say, thank you for a very well structured, informative and friendly course!”

Eli Bligh-Briggs, London Transport Museum

“Really helped me get ideas from my head into words on paper. Sorted out my confusion!”

Stephanie Taylor, University of London Computer Centre

“Interesting and engaging, inspired me to get writing!”

Chloe Brett, Museum of East Anglian Life

“I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational session.”

Anna Freedman, Wholefood Harmony


“Frances is a whiz with words for the web. In two short hours she managed to take my bumbling nonsense and turn it into great copy that delivered my message and reflected my brand, all in less words then I could imagine. Don’t struggle with your sentences, get Frances to help you find the right words for your website.”

Sinead Mac Manus, 8fold

“Turning our academic English into clear, accessible prose for our website was a challenge we had baulked at, so it was a real relief to have you take over, Frances. We really appreciate the trouble you took to understand where we were coming from and what we wanted to achieve, and the process was also very helpful to us in thinking through our message and our services. We are very happy with the result – thank you very much!”

Julie Scott and Jonathan Karkut, TouchTD

“Thanks Frances. I’ve had a quick read – it looks absolutely spot on. We must get you to write some more for us.”

Mark Hodson, Snowcarbon

“You really understood what I do and actually helped bring together my work beyond just the written content. You also helped consolidate what I do and offer.”

Olivia Flaxman, Oliviaworks