You can book sessions to work with Fran as your coach on a one-to-one basis. Sessions take place via Zoom or phone call, and are available worldwide. Coaching can help you:

  • Gain confidence
  • Get perspective
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Get clear on what you want
  • Reach your goals faster than you would without coaching
  • And much, much more …

It helps you break through those blocks that are holding you back. And it helps you feel good about who you are, and about the strengths you have. Often, coaching is fun!

Yes, it can be a bit daunting signing up for coaching for the first time – as it is when we do anything new. But don’t worry! My strengths as a coach include being very approachable and easy to talk to – people I work with tend to quickly feel comfortable.

So how does a coaching session work?

Coaching sessions take the form of a conversation. You decide what you want to work on. The coach then asks you questions around this in a certain way to help you get clear on your goals, explore what steps will get you there, and importantly – agree on what action you will take.   

Anyone can have coaching – you don’t have to be a certain “type” of person, or be at a certain “level” in your career. The best way to see whether coaching works for you is to try it! For that reason, I always suggest a short welcome chat before we begin to work together, so you can check whether coaching is for you (it’s then up to you whether you want to go ahead).

I’m a certified coach, with a diploma in personal performance coaching with The Coaching Academy. I’m the author of personal development books including the influential and widely translated The Distraction Trap.  

I knew from the outset that my coaching sessions with Frances would be good but it’s only now looking back that I realise how hugely and transformationally impactful they have been. We covered a massive amount of ground without compromising depth for breadth. 

Catherine M

Sessions include:

  • Work one-to-one with Fran Booth as your coach
  • Accountability
  • Encouragement to take action – no more excuses!
  • Suggestions of resources for further thinking and learning
  • Coaching exercises to do in-between sessions (if you want)

People I have coached have grown in confidence, been successful at interview, switched jobs, found a better balance, become more productive, and taken action towards many different life challenges.

You can bring whatever you like to a coaching session, but typically, the areas I coach on mostly are: 

  • Confidence
  • Work-life balance
  • Getting productive
  • Going for your dreams
  • Reaching your potential
  • New you
  • Digital balance and digital wellbeing
  • Publishing with confidence
  • Resilience
Laser coaching
Half-hour long sessions to make quick progress
  • Four coaching sessions – each session is 30 minutes
  • One session per fortnight
  • Sessions individually tailored to you
Deep dive coaching
Go in-depth with these hour-long sessions
  • Four coaching sessions – each session is one hour
  • One session per month or per fortnight
  • Sessions individually tailored to you