Hi, I’m Fran. Good to meet you

I’m a certified coach, and the author of personal development books including The Distraction Trap. I help people go for their goals, get motivated, and become more confident. I spent more than 14 years working in national newspapers in the UK, including working for The Guardian for 10 years.

Frances Booth coach

So, how did I become a coach?

I became a coach after an adventure to Sri Lanka, when someone who worked in the coaching industry turned to me and said “you should be a coach”. Soon after I returned to the UK, I investigated. After just one day trying coaching out, I got that “brain buzzing with excitement” feeling when I realised they were right – it was for me. Fast-forward a year or so and I had trained and qualified as a personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy. For me, this built on two decades of study and interest in personal development and wellbeing, from reading and writing personal development books, to studying and running courses. Now I’m lucky enough to hear the fascinating stories of other people’s plans and dreams, and help them go for them!

Words, words, words

I’m a big fan of anything to do with words. I spent more than 14 years working in national newspapers in the UK, including working for The Guardian for 10 years (five of these on Weekend magazine).

My first book, The Distraction Trap: How to Focus in a Digital World, was published by Pearson and translated into six languages (this was after many years of never giving up on my dream of writing a book!).

This threw me into a whirlwind of being featured widely as an expert in the media – for publications and broadcasters from Wired to the BBC, Italian Vanity Fair to Sky, Psychologies magazine to the Sunday Telegraph. I’ve blogged for a year for Forbes. I’ve written for and been featured in more than 40 publications, and I’ve subedited thousands of articles for national newspapers. I’m an expert on both sides of the media.

Confidence vs fear

I love doing interesting things, and keeping life fun. I also like taking (and making) opportunities, and I massively believe in time well spent. All of this means, that, inevitably, to get to the fun and exciting things, I sometimes have to face my fears head on. Then do the exciting thing anyway.

I’m confident in many areas of life (for example, I love networking because I’m fascinated by all the interesting people!). However, there are plenty of times that the things I do might look brave, but to do them I had to either build my confidence, or feel nervous, or think “What on earth am I doing?”, and then do it anyway.

Things like:

  • Travelling to 40 countries, including travelling solo to places including Chile and Costa Rica
  • Publishing two books and putting my writing out there
  • Appearing on live radio and TV (once, my heart was beating so loudly I was convinced the people watching would be able to hear it)
  • Doing a bungee jump over Victoria Falls (OK, so maybe that was just the bravado of youth)
  • Public speaking in front of a room full of more than a hundred high-flying women
  • Starting my own business (and quitting a steady job I liked to do so)

To chill out, I do yoga, dance salsa, or put my hiking boots on.

That’s me. And I’d love to hear about you! Get in touch, and tell me your story!