I’m Fran.

Great to meet you.

I’m a qualified coach. I’m the author of two books. I’m a former Guardian journalist.

Through my coaching work, I love hearing about people’s plans and dreams, and helping them have the self-belief and confidence to go for them!

I spent more than 14 years working in national newspapers in the UK, and I’m a big fan of anything to do with words.

My first book, The Distraction Trap: How to Focus in a Digital World, was published by Pearson and translated into six languages (after many years of wanting to write a book and never giving up!).

This threw me into a whirlwind of running training courses and being frequently featured as an expert in the media – for publications and broadcasters from Wired to the BBC, Italian Vanity Fair to Sky, Psychologies magazine to the Sunday Telegraph. I’ve also written many magazine and newspaper articles over the years (including blogging for a year for Forbes).

Now I run training courses online so that I can work with people all over the world.

I’m a graduate of Cambridge University and Sheffield University (MA) and I went to a state school in the north of England. I love learning, and you’ll often find me reading self-development books or doing a course. There’s always more to learn! I qualified as a coach with The Coaching Academy, and my specialist coaching areas include confidence, resilience and balance.

I love going off on adventures, and I’ve travelled to 40 countries, including travelling solo to countries including Sri Lanka, Chile and Costa Rica. You’ll also often find me with my hiking boots on – I love being outdoors.

One of the other things that restores me is finding moments of calm, whether that’s in the middle of a city or deep in nature. Yoga helps me do this. I also love capturing these moments of calm on my camera – you’ll see some of these photographs in my courses.

I’m hoping you can join me to keep making the most of all the opportunities out there, whatever it is you’re going for!

Have a look around, join me on one of my courses, or get in touch to book one-to-one coaching sessions.